Wedding styling is the creative process of combining different shapes, colors, and textures to produce a distinctive and well-coordinated event look. Dinnerware, florals, décor, linens, table setting, sign hanging, bow tying, candle lighting, and many other tasks are included.

Anyone can style an event, but it takes effort, organization, and a clear vision. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your event should reflect your values and who you are. It’s not as difficult as it seems, so we’ve prepared some wedding and event styling tips to help you along the way.

Have a clear vision before you begin

Create an inspiration board, then return to it periodically as you work. You can keep on course in this manner throughout the creative design stage. If you stray and change your course slightly, note it in a different inspiration board so that you can stay focused, be clearheaded, and achieve the desired outcome.

Select a venue and date

You should make your venue and event date one of your initial considerations because it may affect your choices. Given that venue availability is frequently constrained and that weather conditions could be an issue, think about your location and event date simultaneously.

 If you have your heart set on a particular location, you might need to be flexible with the date or season, and if you have your heart set on a particular time of year, you might need to be flexible with your venue choice. 

Every location has unique qualities that suit a particular spectrum of styles the best. Additionally, the timing of your event will affect whether it can be hosted outside, limiting your options for specific design features.

Have a layout in mind

Depending on how the event is going, you should remain with the traditional lounge arrangement or try a U-shaped or v-shaped corner, back-to-back design, or something different.

It’s crucial to have backup plans. Plan B may be the greatest choice after you put everything in the room and see it all together, so make sure you have a few extra hands on hand to assist with the rearranging.

Create a focal point

Use the wall, if your lounge is next to one, to highlight your design with artwork or messaging. If your lounge appears to be floating, employ a row or two of shelves to ground the area and showcase accessories, collections, or goods.

 Alternately, build a temporary wall to heighten the area, define it, and add a focal point. In a backyard garden, add foliage and flowers to a wooden arch and drape a soft flowing fabric.

Make decisions based on taste rather than trends.

Making a choice purely out of trend is the quickest way to regret your choice, change your mind, or despise your wedding pictures. That implies it will be outdated before you know it and perhaps even before the event or the wedding. Adopting trends is acceptable, but make sure you do it purposefully and uniquely so you won’t look back and regret it.

Decide on colors

Did you realize that the one element that truly makes a difference is color? Your ideas can succeed or fail based on the colors you use. Consider which colors flow naturally or logically with your theme. 

Using flowers to accentuate the colors is a great idea. Your choice of flower for your event will be heavily influenced by the kind of event you’re planning, your target audience, and the location.

Choose no more than three to five colors unless you’re trying for a multicolored theme. In general, fewer colors are preferable. Additionally, pick hues that are simple and easy to find.

Group with odd numbers

Contrary to what you may have been told as a teenager, being odd is advantageous! Groupings of odd numbers, and particularly those involving the number three, are always more powerful than those involving elements in even numbers. 

Why is the visual appeal of odd numbers so great? Odd numbers compel you to look around the grouping because they arouse tension and attention. Although you might not even be aware of it, eye movement is essential for generating visual interest. Your guests will linger over a display if it has a strong visual appeal.

Use something unexpected

Including an unexpected element in your exhibit will surprise your visitors and make it stand out. An impressive display is one that guests will not only recall long after your wedding or event has ended but also continue to talk about because it was so outstanding.

You’ll need to think outside the box if you want to employ anything surprising. What unusual or unique uses can you make of everyday objects? Or is there a fantastic prop you can get that fits your theme?

Take a wedding with a beach theme, for instance. You may use seashells as candles in place of regular ones. Several of them have also been sprayed spray-gold in this instance, giving them a glossy yet organic appearance. If in a backyard garden event, add hanging paper lanterns and festoons and instantly create ambiance.