Looking to hold your wedding outdoors? A green and lush backyard is always a good spot for weddings and parties. A backyard wedding creates a more relaxing atmosphere for everyone attending the wedding.

What’s more, it’s cost-friendly and can help you save on the budget of hiring a venue. But not all backyards look great to host a wedding. Is your garden green and lush?

If not, then you might consider making the grass greener fast enough before the wedding day. Green and thick grass looks great and will create an appealing atmosphere for everyone.

But how do you make grass green fast? Clearing the brown patches might seem a daunting task. 

Join me as I discuss some simple ways to make your backyard grass green in no time for the wedding.


According to Backyard Gardeners Network, fertilizing your backyard is one of the best ways to ensure grass grows green, healthy, and thick. Adding some fertilizer is a great way to ensure the grass has all the necessary nutrients to grow faster.

But it’s not just about adding fertilizer. You need to add the right type of fertilizer that will support the rapid growth of grass. A 16-4-8 fertilizer is ideal to provide a burst of deep green color for grass with the right combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

There are several products on the market that claim to make the garden greener. You need to consult a specialist to ensure you don’t make the situation worse.

It’s important to test the soil and see what nutrients are lacking. Grass requires a lot of nitrogen to grow faster, green, and thick. Check the nitrogen levels and add a suitable fertilizer.

Add Sugar

Some people recommend adding sugar as an energy boost to grow grass faster. Sugar comprises carbon which can benefit your growing turf.

But sugar must be used sparingly. Adding too much sugar causes thatch buildup which encourages diseases. Overall, a little sugar is good, but too much sugar can create more harm than good.

Control Weed

You can make the grass green fast by controlling weed growth. Weeds can suffocate grass. They compete for water and nutrients with grass.

Invasive weeds can make your grass weak and lackluster. Consider applying a pre-emergent to prevent weeds.

This is a great way to stay ahead of the invasive weeds and help the grass thrive. Overall, weeds can take over your backyard quickly if left unchecked. Make sure you uproot tall and overgrown weeds.


Water is a crucial component for faster grass growth. Having removed all weeds, and added some little sugar and fertilizer, water will ensure the grass grows faster and greener.

Grass thrives a lot on moisture and nutrients. Make sure you water the backyard regularly in the evenings and early morning. You have to ensure your backyard receives a lot of water.

You can set a plan for time to irrigate the grass. As a general rule, make sure the grass receives at least two inches of water in a week. If you live in dry regions, make sure you apply more water, especially during the summer seasons.

Clear Debris on Lawns

Debris and animal waste on the grass can prevent growth. While such debris is a good source of nutrients when they decompose, they are not ideal when you need green grass for a wedding.

Common debris includes leaves, animal waste, branches, and twigs. Such debris blocks sunlight and other nutrients from reaching the soil. This can hinder faster grass growth.

Keep Pets and Children Off the Backyard

Sometimes grass just won’t grow lush and green when you have pets and children playing on it. Children and dogs playing on the grass make the soil compact. This makes it difficult for grass to grow fast.

Compact grass can be made loose by digging small holes. Such holes help improve aeration and drainage.

Piercing the soil is a crucial way to loosen compacted soil and ensure water and nutrients reach the grassroots. Roots need to breathe for a greener and healthier lawn.

You can buy lawn aerators to help dig some holes in the grass. Proper soil aeration and drainage help prevent thatch buildup while also improving moisture retention.

When kids play on the grass, they damage new buds and prevent the growth of newer grass. Make sure you keep traffic to the grass minimum. You can even seal off the area for a few days to weeks to give the grass some breathing space.

Sealing the space communicates to everyone not to step on it.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to hold that wedding or special event on patchy grass. The grass might not be green and lush for various reasons. 

Make sure you understand the reason and take the necessary steps above. Control the weed, add fertilizer, and sugar, irrigate and clear debris. Make sure the grass stays safe from children and pets for the few days before the wedding.