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Morning! How are you all today?  I’m excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, Kismet from The Unreal Bride!  You can read the crazy story of how we ‘met’ over on her blog

Kismet is one of my favourite bloggers, and I love her Thursday Thoughts posts, so I’m thrilled she agreed to treat us to one today!  Over to you Kis ~

Hello to all of you lovely Bijoux Bride readers!! How awesome is this blog?! I am so kicked to be guest-blogging here today and I hope I do justice to it! I have never met Louise but I feel like I have- I think it is our special Masai Mara bond! I will never tire of talking about that! But that’s another story for another day!

Let me tell you a secret! Clothes, shoes and bags don’t fascinate me as much as rings do! I am a complete and total ring person. I am talking at least having five or six rings on at ALL TIMES. I inherited this addiction from my mum who can beat anyone hollow with her ring collection! Lucky me, I just dip into the ring box all the time!

I had allocated rings for each finger- one each on my thumbs, one for my index finger on the right hand, one for the left hand- basically you get the picture. Then, I got engaged! Luckily the boy got me a ring that fit in with the rest of the ring family!

Before that I never thought of how hard it must be to select an engagement/wedding ring. I got to hear of how many trips were made to the jeweler and how it was pretty much the toughest thing to do! That’s what brings me to today’s post. A little research and getting some ideas off the internet isn’t a bad idea, especially if you want to do something different!


I LOVE these next rings which have the fingerprints engraved (embossed?) on them! Couldn’t get more personal than this! I saw these ages ago and haven’t been able to get them out of my mind!


We have got to remember that this is a ring you are going to wear forever and ever so it has to be something you don’t get bored of and isn’t something that clashes with your personality. I love simple and would go for a silver band over a gold one any day!


What would make it all the more delicious would be if the rings looked slightly vintagey like these beauties!


Oh! Did I tell you that my ring has an engraving on the inside- it says ‘Forever and a day’ – I need a magnifying glass to read it but knowing it’s there makes me all happy inside. Nothing says it better than an inscription!


Some of us are more adventurous than the others and get tattoos instead of wedding rings! I think it would be insane to have one but would I do it? Maybe!!


You know what the ULTIMATE for me would be though? A turquoise wedding ring! I would die a hundred times over- so gorgeous! Might have to tone down the boy’s ring just a wee bit, but how awesome, right??!


 The best thing is that most of these rings are available on Etsy or similar sites and they are pretty affordable.  We know that in the wedding industry the littlest details makes the biggest difference and this just seems little but it is a HUGE part of the wedding. So make it special.

Thanks again for letting me share my Thursday Thoughts with you and your readers today!

I have to admit I am a complete ring obsessive too!  I have a whole drawer full of chunky statement rings that really help pump up an outfit!   I am in love with those finger printed bands, such a unique idea, and of course the turquoise ring!  Which one’s your favourite?

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8 Responses to “guest post: thursday thoughts {unreal bride}”
  1. Malinder says:

    Great post Kismet! I love collecting rings too, have been waiting to find a perfect turquoise ring to add to my collection :)

  2. Hi Kismet – it’s nice to find out the things that are special to different people! So I now have you down as a coffee and ring addict :-)

  3. Brancoprata says:

    Beautiful round up of gorgeous rings!! Great post Kismet!!! ;)

  4. Kismet says:

    Thanks guys! I really do love my rings-infact I put on (a few of) my turquoise rings (I do have about 5 already :O ) after writing this post!
    I had fun writing this! Thanks Louise xx

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Fab post Kismet, I agree it’s so important to find the right engagement/wedding rings ~ they are the only accessory you can wear all day every day! :) I’m such a fan of turquoise rings and bracelets…and shoes. Just the loveliest colour! x

  6. I love the rings inscribed with, “Happily ever after” in them! I never thought to get mine inscribed, because I always wanted something thin and delicate that I could wear all of the time, but I love the idea of it! Wish I had thought to get my hubby’s inscribed. Still can, I guess! :)

  7. louise says:

    I love the engraved ones too Sarah – I saw one a while ago with ‘Put it back on’ inscribed inside, the perfect words for my husbands band!
    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

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